How To Recognise When You're In Your Inner-Summer

In this episode I talks about “summer” in a metaphorical sense. Summer is the energetic bigger picture that surrounds  us in our present daily reality in summer time and provides the bigger framework for the full moon as a corresponding moon phase. 

Consider  summer as our spiritual guide. The current season always informs us what kind of energies are in play. For example, the processes and perspectives which Nature, and Mother Earth and life themselves  focus on. 

What is around us is also within us. 

We are one with everything. Therefore, throughout months use the moon cycles, to focus on learning and understanding the summer energies as they move through you. Use these moon cycles to focus on recognising your phases of inner-summer, your full moon energy. 

Although you may experience your inner-summer during every season, the Summer is the optimal time to explore and understand this seasonal energy within you.  And each time, the moon is full, these inner-summer energies are rising in you. 


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