How To Create A Flow Of Consistency Without Hustle Or Burning Out

Consistency for me was a hated word, it brought up so much feeling of dread, because I felt, being consistent meant I am was not allowed to stop. I continuously have to perform and deliver with the same intensity. 

This perception and feeling made me fail to be consistent, way before I started to take action. 

In our masculine-value-led world,  consistency  does mean that.

It does mean that the world in general has this expectation not to stop, and keep up the same incremental pattern of growth at all times. 

This felt too pushy for me, something was missing. I felt that I had to lose a part of me doing things this way. 

I needed to redefine things and not just on the intellectual level but needed to embody it. 

And now, consistency is good, and fun and empowering. I follow my own success, values my own yearnings  and desires. 

Listen to this 10 minutes episode of how I did it. 


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