Full Moon Gratitude And Forgiveness Practice

Full moon is an amazing energetic time for this practice.

The full moon has a very polar energy as one side of the moon is dark and the other is fully lit. The shadow and the light are both present in balance at full moon.

The practice of forgiveness and gratitude mirrors this polar energy.

Forgiveness and gratitude practice go hand in hand because forgiveness cleanses and creates space. Then, we can consciously choose to fill up the energetic space with a higher vibration of gratitude.

By practicing forgiveness, we go deeper into gratitude as a natural flow evoked by forgiving. As a result, we are strengthening our gratitude muscle. Because it is a muscle.

In 2013, I knew what gratitude meant, but I was not able to evoke the feeling of gratitude in me at will, not because I was a bad person, but it was not an emotion or a state of mind I connected with regularly.

I could get excited about anything and anytime, but gratitude was a bit of an elusive state of mind back then for me.

In this practice we connect with the universal flow of gratitude and realise the magnitude of gratitude.

We can do this many different ways to make it simple and convenient for us.

I would like to give you a few different ways and ideas to go deeper with your practice which you can always make part of your full moon rituals.

The most important is to create your own rhythm and keep to that.

The energy of the full moon lasts for about five days in real time. Two days before, two days after and the day itself. Use these five days to focus on what you are grateful for with a daily gratitude and forgiveness practice.

One thing to forgive and one thing to be grateful for each day.

I would say, you can go up to five things a day for each if you really feel the energy and have time. Remember, this is your practice, you lead it and commit to something you can keep doing. The power is in the consistency always. The moon keeps on its path, no matter what. 

You can deepen your practice by exploring the emotion behind each thing you choose to forgive for.

As they say emotions are energy in motion and energy cannot be destroyed nor created only transformed.

So, forgiving yourself, others or the world is all about transmuting the energy, the emotional charge of what you are forgiving for.

As you look through your daily list and what you want to forgive for:

  1. Close your eyes,
  2. bring the event to mind,
  3. project it to a movie screen in front of you,
  4. observe the event,
  5. identify the emotion,
  6. and as you watch the event on the movie screen, ask yourself: ‘What is the positive learning for me from this event?’
  7. And as you watch the event on the movie screen, notice how the emotion transforms into a new positive emotion through the learning
  8. Use your breath to help you in this transformation, and as you breathe out, feel your own energy lifting and forgiving.
  9. Inhale and fill yourself up with gratitude.


Forgiveness and gratitude practice is a continuous and gentle flow of healing and light into your life. It is a great practice to build into your full moon rituals.

Also, use natural opportunities to cleanse your thoughts and feelings in conscious and unconscious way and forgive:

  • In the shower
  • The wind blowing away your anger or hurt
  • The rain raining away your troubles
  • Let go of what doesn’t belong on the loo
  • Breathe it out
  • Blink it away
  • Hoover up stagnant energy from your home
  • Dust them away
  • Sneeze it out
  • Stretch it away
  • Let it away as you’re yawning 

And in the same way, use natural opportunities to bring in gratitude/ feeling thankful/blessed into your energy and whole being:

  • As you dress up, pull on love
  • As you drink a glass of water, drink life force
  • As you cook, bless your kitchen, your food,
  • As you look in the mirror, look into your eyes and tell you how amazing you are.
  • As you go for a walk, walk your path
  • As you eat, eat love
  • Breathe in what you need
  • As you pay for something, pass on love and light and be grateful for having what you have
  • As you greet someone give them a hug
  • Always press the love button on Facebook to spread love
  • As you make a phone call, connect to the universe
  • When you speak to someone, see them in their greatness

Daily gratitude is all about feeling, seeing, hearing in the moment, and being in the moment.

Think of ways how you can connect to the moment, how you can fill it with good feelings.

Connect the three elements, the thoughts, the feelings and the action so you can align your mind, body and soul.


Happy Full Moon! Grateful for your time and attention. 


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