Full Moon Insights 28th January 2021

Full Moon 28th January
Every full moon is an in-between point as it is the halfway point of a complete moon cycle.
in-betweenness in so many ways,
and going deeper,
going through an inner-transformation,
the assertion of the feminine.
In-between emotions
In-between ways of thinking/mind-sets as the polar energies of the full moon floats through your energetic body
In-between resisting and opening up more to your path
In-between faith in your success
In-between the light and the dark
In-between your personal evolution
In-between in-sights
In-between crossroads
The message of this full moon is wherever you are, is the right place!
The full moon illuminates both your current position and your destination as you get to float with the enormous energy.
This full moon illuminates whatever you’re ready to see.
Let the light of the moon dissolve your fears and doubts.
Dance the dance of the moon that is our feminine heritage.
Awaken your Shakti and move with the fluidity of the Serpent in-between the world of your soul-self and human-self getting to know both sides of the moon.