Full moon in Sagittarius on the 26th May and Lunar Eclipse

Full moon is the halfway peak point of an entire moon cycle. A chance to pause with purpose.
With the purpose to evaluate and see how far you’ve come,
to honour what you’ve achieved,
to celebrate YOU.
to honour all that you have gone through, faced and overcome.
to honour your journey of healing, growing and becoming.
Pause with the purpose to receive the gifts from all of the above.
This full moon is a total lunar eclipse meaning that the moon, the earth and the sun will be aligned in a straight line and the light of the moon will be blocked out for about 15 minutes, showing a red colour.
As the light is dimmed, the otherwise intense full moon energy is softened. This is a unique moment, creating an energetic portal for us to expand.
As the energy is a bit smoother and lighter, we don’t need to put all our effort into grounding this energy down through our breath. The eclipse is literally giving us a breather.
We can use our exhales to expand our energy field and vibration. This is how we can use this energetic portal to upgrade our soul self. We can receive these lunar infused light codes. We can replenish and charge up from the alignment of the sun, the moon and earth. A divine trinity calling us to breathe and expand, calling us to recalibrate our soul in our body so that we can be in our body, fully being here in this life.
When we are present this way, let our soul embody our human self, we’re more empowered to face our challenges and our shadows. In some sense, for some of us, becoming present in our body, in our life is the energetic portal we have to go through.
For some of us, the energetic portal is to accept our soul’s purpose and walk this path.
For some of us the energetic portal is about learning to relax, or love ourselves, or give ourselves permission to let go of the past.
As you sit and breathe, and allow yourself to expand with each out-breath, feel into your portal, your energy upgrade. What is yours? Your body, your intuition will tell you.
This is a Sagittarius moon which is symbolised by the centaur, a mythical creature, half animal, half human reminding us to stay connected to both our intuition and intellect.
Through this mythical creature, this full moon is calling us to tap back into the myth, to our roots, things that we may have long forgotten but they still live in our cellular memory.
We are called to pass through the portal and remember and re-member with our myth, our magical centaur self and believe that the impossible is possible.
We can tap into the myth of our own lives, the magic, the story that has been weaved since the beginning of times and will be weaved, even after we have gone, through the life of our children and their children.
The centaur holds a bow and arrow in his hands aiming up into the sky bringing our attention to aim higher, be connected to our higher self and purpose, feel the magic of life, that being alive is extraordinary in itself.
Through the lunar eclipse, through the missing light of the full moon, Grandmother Moon is calling us to be our own light, she is calling us to realise that the magic, the power has been in us all along. She is only just a guide who is helping us to remember.
She is here to anchor us back to ourselves so that we can lead from within.
We can lead ourselves through the darkness of the eclipse to the other side of the portal, choosing to find what we are looking for in life.
As the moon disappears from our eyes, it creates space, a moment of stillness, and darkness where we can wonder, wonder about the meaning of our lives, wonder about what we truly want to create, how we truly want to live, what legacy and what kind of world we want to leave behind.
So wonder.
This is the heartfelt message of this sagittarius full moon in an eclipse.
Walk to the portal that this moon and eclipse opens up personally for you.
Rely on your imagination and make up the reality you want to live.
Remember, our human mind doesn’t know the difference between what is imagined and what is real. You are the creator, centaurs can exist if you decide to believe in the magic of your life.
This is a beautiful full moon to sit by the fire and re-write your myth, your story.
Many full moon blessings.
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