Full Moon In Libra on the 28th March 2021

There has been an intense energy around throughout this waxing moon as it passes through the portal of the Vernal Equinox opening up the path for the light usher forward.  As we arrive to this full moon, this intensity feels to be balanced out with the scales of the Libra.  

Indeed as our subconscious is so familiar with the symbology of the Libra we automatically tune into the meaning of the scales and allow balance happen organically. 

We feel the Vernal Equinox and the cycle of light and dark shifting into pleasing and reassuring adjustments. 

Through the equinox we have also had a chance to play around with the shadows and the lights already. This is why the shadow and light contrast of the full moon doesn’t stir us up as intensely as it may other times. We had a chance to adjust to this full moon energy way before it happened.  

This more gentle full moon energy is giving us the chance to ground deeper into ourselves, creating even more solid foundations in our lives as we embark on this new astrological new year. (Btw, this is one of the things I really love about cyclical living that we can have more than one beginning of a new year so that we can realise no need to push and hustle because we have infinite possibilities to take a step and move forward.) 

The word Libra meant a unit of weight in Ancient Rome. 

In mythology, Libra is related to the Greek Goddess of Justice - Themis. 

Therefore, this full moon is giving us the chance to take a full life review. We can weigh things up. 

We can determine what is heavy and what is light in our lives and where each is useful. 

What is easy and what is hard and let go the hard ways. 

What is fast and what is slow and really know what pace suits us when.  

Because it is not that one is wrong, the other is right or one is balanced and the other is not. 

The Greek Goddess of Justice symbolises that it is about what rings true for us in any given moment. 

Balance is not restored when the scales are equal. Balance is restored when we feel true to ourselves. When we FEEL All Is Well even if our circumstances are not ideal. 

In the linear scale of balance it is all about equal, working up to the positive, reaching an ideal situation. But life is never like that. Life is all about the moving parts. 

Energy cannot be destroyed nor created, it is constantly transformers from one form to another. 

So next time, you are looking for balance, consider this. 

Think about watching a person on a tightrope. There is always a little swing to their body. 

This Libra full moon is teaching us that balance, just like perfection, is a state of mind. 

A momentary state from one moment to another where we give ourselves permission to keep bringing ourselves to balance. 

So let this full moon give you all its light to take a life review, bringing it all to the surface, all sides of the scale, and as a result, see your life and yourself in a new light. 

All is well. 

Full Moon Blessings To You