Five Powerful Mantras To Heal Depression

Your self-talk - inner dialogue - has a great influence not just on your mental and emotional but on your overall wellbeing, and your success and happiness in life.

Your self-talk can usually be slip out of your awareness though because it is as constant as your breathing, AND, most of the time you need to focus your conscious awareness on your tasks at hands, which can be a lot as our lives are busy. 

Mantras can help you to notice your self-talk, AND to stir it to a direction that is to your overall benefit.

Words are powerful and when you put them together with intention, and say them intentionally, you can directly leverage from this power. 

I am giving you five mantras here and explain the intentions behind them so that you can use them very intentionally to heal depression and support your mental and emotional wellbeing.

These mantras are not just words but leading you to action because I know when you feel down or depressed, it can be hard to bring yourself to do anything. Also, an action will enhance the effect of the mantra on your wellbeing.


 'I feel, I breathe, I release.' 

Emotions are constantly moving through us in a cycle the same way as thoughts. It is said that we feel a new emotions every ten seconds. This mantra is great to remind yourself to keep connecting with your emotion and also to do what you're meant to with emotions - let yourself notice and acknowledge how you feel and release giving space for the emotion.
The action: As you say this mantra, you can take actually do it. This way you create an anchor to let your emotions move as you breathe. 

'I choose....'

Whenever you start what you say to yourself in your self-talk with 'I choose...' it brings you an immediate feeling of calmness, feeling safe, and empowerment because you put yourself back into the driving seat. It is not even about only choosing positive things but allowing yourself to choose what you need. This is about honouring yourself in the here and now and make the choice that serves you the best.

The action: Try it out and notice how it feels when you say 'I choose...'. What makes it even more powerful is when you act upon your choice in some small way. Let me give you a few example: 

'I choose to pause and take a few deep breath' - So pause and take a deep breath.

'I choose to give me space and time to feel sad' - So pause and give yourself time and sapce for whatever you need, even if it is five minutes.

'I choose to eat a bar of chocolate and enjoy it.' - So do it :) 

'I choose to move on each day a little bit more.' - What would do that for you?

'I choose to be ok with the fact that I was not kind to myself, and it is ok because I am aware of it, and now I can make a choice that serves me better.' - What new choice can you make that serves you?

I choose to notice what I desire.' - So pause and listen within for what you yearn for the most.


'I am...'

'I am...' mantras can give you reassurance and bring your focus to who you want to be instead of defining yourself by other's expectations or by your feelings, results, or circumstances. 

This can be doubly powerful when you say it in front of a mirror, looking into your own eyes. 

It is not about saying to yourself things you know you are not, but saying it with the intention of who you want to be. 

And again, use this to give yourself whatever you need here and now. 

The action: Stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and tell you who you want to be.

For example: I am creative

I am calm

I am able to relax at will

I am free from other's expectations 

I am love

I am light

I am well

I am... 


'Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.'

A French psychologist and pharmacist Emile Coué (1857-1926) introduced a popular method of psychotherapy and self help funded in optimistic autosuggestion. He created this phrase - 'Every day, in every way...' it is called the Coué method till this very day. You can use this as it is daily or use variations of it adjusting to your own needs, for example:

The action: Write this mantra down every day five times

Every day, in every way...

I am stronger 

I know what to do

I am more open to new things


'I have evidence in my life that I can...'

Very often, you can fall victim to your thoughts and feelings, fears and doubts, or current circumstances, or when something just doesn't go your way. Especially when low mood or depression sets in. 

The truth is, you always have the power within you. You are always more than you think or feel you are. And more likely than not, that if you took a life review, you pause and search through your memories you would find that you have evidence in your life that

you can do it,

overcome it,

figure it out,

get through it,

make it happen,

achieve it,

whatever that is. 

The action: You can use this as a journaling prompt. Whatever you need evidence for, sit down to journal or meditate for five minutes to do a life review by recalling events when you could, so that you know that you can now too!


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