Feminine-Led Business - free webinar

Soul Sister

You are a healer, a priestess, a goddess, a guide, a channel, an intuitive, a mystic, a soul-led woman and as such, you are here to help to carve the new ways of life and business both for yourself and for the world. 


You cannot do it the old ways. You have cultivated way too much feminine energy and remembered so much of your sacred wisdom to keep doing things the old ways. 


You have created the energetics to lead you from the inside out through self-love and spiritual practices, healing and inner-work, and various trainings of your craft.


But the world still works in its ingrained masculine ways, and although the narrative has been shifting, YOU have been shifting faster.


As a woman, who can birth and create, you're here to succeed both in your life and work. 

But we need to do things in radical, new ways. Our ways.

We're here to make the shift, to re-establish the true balance of leading with the feminine and let the masculine support us by default.

We're here to integrate this into our businesses, our soul's purpose and into our daily lives in a way that is not overwhelming but supportive of our soul's evolution. 

This is what we're going to explore in this webinar I am inviting you to - what feminine-led business look like, and dig deeper into what the business of the feminine is. 


I would like to show you how to break away from the old whilst integrating all that feminine  power and wisdom that you have cultivated into your life and business, so that you can create the success, happiness and fulfilment you desire with the masculine supporting you in its divine ways.


This webinar will be on Zoom, and when you sign up, you will receive an email with the zoom link.

The webinar will be on the 18th May 2021 at 6pm UK BST


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