Altars - Holding Space for Your Intentions, Dreams, and Desires

 My granny used to have little porcelain figurines on the shelves and tables as a decoration. 

My mum has lots of books and photos.  

We all have our thing.  

I have altars if I have a little space I can dedicate for objects/ornaments. It is kind of a decoration with extra added purpose.  

Altar means altered space for me. 

A spot that alters the energy of the room and the person who observes the altar. 

A spot where I can pause and wonder and go inward for a moment.  

My altars remind me of intentions, energies, dreams and desires I want to focus on.  Because there are so many things we can think about involuntarily. There are so many random triggers our mind can go to and just keep thinking up all sorts of thoughts. 

My altars pull me back and pull my thoughts back from wondering about to those things I want to focus on.  

They're filled with emotions, and visions. Each object is an anchor to be more intentional. 

The one that you see in this picture, I created on the new moon to hold space for my intentions and desires.  

The amethyst in the middle is for tuning into and connecting with my dreams and desires, anchoring them in, seeing them clearly in my vision. 

There are carnelians around it in a circle to ground those visions down, to keep me grounded and balanced as I move towards them with inward and outward actions.  

There is a little pretty jewellery box with a rose quartz in it, calling in love and being open to receive more love in whatever form it arrives to me. It also represents holding space for finding my treasures, gifts, dreams and desires and appreciating them by having a special place for them. It also represents for me that I courageously, without any shame or guilt, expect to receive them. This used to be a problem for me.  

The roses are for reminding me of the beauty of life, the beauty in me, in others, the beauty in the process, the journey we have to go through in order to receive our intentions. 

The roses are the journey. The path. 

The candles represent light, sparks of inspiration, connection to spirit, asking and receiving guidance and always being surrounded with support in whatever form it arrives, including me being supportive with myself.   

The sage smudge is for continuously letting go of what is done, clearing the air so that I have clarity of the next step. 

The Hummingbirds remind me of the sweetness of life, to keep harnessing the nectars because when you do that, you automatically keep pollinating the seeds at the same time for the next flowering. The cycles keep moving forward. My dreams, desires and intentions are keep expanding and coming to fruition with each cycle a bit more.  

There is also an essential oil blend called Elevation in the middle to elevate the new cycle, my intentions and journey to its higher purpose and to its next phase. 

Always flowing forward. 

And of course, the most important part is to engage with this space I have created, pause there each day, connect with the meanings, allowing my mind AND body to be reminded all the way to the brain neurons and the cell level. 

As I sit there and connect with each element, I contemplate and open up for being inspired for aligned action.  

I will keep this altar till full moon and check in with my intentions and desires I set for this new cycle. 

I will use my Moon Momentum Journal to evaluate and shift my perception, actions and plans according to what has been created thus far. 

I might decide to alter my altar or leave it as it depends on what I will realise at full moon. 

I am thankful for the momentum that the moon keeps me in.