Letting Go Of Depression And Choosing Joy

I observe hundreds of emotions bubbling in me throughout the day. Angry, joyous, clear and calm, fed up, hopeless, happy… It wasn’t always like this though. I didn’t used to notice them at all. So it’s a real turn on to notice the presence of all those emotions, acknowledge them, feel them, embrace them and … Read more

The Truest Lifestyle For A Woman…

I care NO MORE if you give me a look because I WON’T hide it. Because it gave me back my sanity when I felt there was no hope and had no idea where to start to solve my life. Because this is how it started, out of need, out of listening to my own … Read more

Hello Goddess

I see you. You’ve arrived. You’re standing in front of the door with hesitation and curiosity on the threshold of changes and transformations. Something has been leading you here from within. I know how you feel. I’ve been there many times feeling the resistance coming from my logical mind telling me why I don’t need … Read more

Soulful Cash-flow

Hey Ladies, I’d like to mention a subject we don’t often discuss out loud but it’s the clog of our businesses and lives: cashflow. whether you are an entrepreneur or aiming to be or employed, Cash Flow is part of your life, We all need cash flow and we all have our ways to create … Read more

Return To Your True Nature As A Woman To Enhance Your Energy And Productivity.

I know tampon adverts suggest to you how happy and carefree you would be if you could just completely forget about the sheer existence of your period. But I came to realise it’s the worst thing I and any women could do. How do I know? I started a specific self-care practice nearly two years … Read more