Full Moon in Aries on the 1st October

The full moon on the 1st October is in Aries, coming to us head on. Hitting us with both the light and the shadow. One that stretches across the entire month. Why? October is a month with two full moons… once in a blue moon… this expression refers to this event when there are two … Read more

New Moon In Sagittarius – 26th of November

New moons are all about new possibilities, starting afresh, aligning your heart and mind to recognise that ALL IS POSSIBLE, that you ARE the dreamer of the dream and the creator of your own path. This may feel daunting at times but also very liberating because there is nothing you have to put up with.You … Read more

Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th November.

Wow! Yet again! Another amazing energetic portal. Right the day before this full moon is the 11th of the 11th. 11/11 symbolises a window of opportunity where your power to create your reality through your thoughts, feelings and beliefs is amplified. This comes with a caveat to really let go of what’s not serving you, … Read more

New Moon in Scorpio – 28th of October

Hmmm! This is as witchy as it can get!A dark moon (another term for new moon) right before Samhain (Halloween) when the veil is the thinnest between the two worlds. Witch actually means Wise Woman.And incidentally, or rather coincidentally, Wise Woman is the corresponding archetype with the new moon. So bring out that witch (wise … Read more

New Moon in Libra – 28th September

Very meaningful having a Libra New Moon right after the Autumn Equinox. Equinoxes in general, represent balance and/or bringing things to balance within you and in your life. Equinox is also a time of gradual transition, building up to a moment of change, and opening up for change, for a new period, and new energies. … Read more

New moon in Virgo 30th August.

This is a Super Moon as the moon is closest to Earth. As this is the second new moon in the same month, it’s called a Black Moon. It’s in Virgo – The Virgin – The Black Madonna. It’s a Super-new-black-virgo-virgin/blackmadonna-moon. This New moon is carrying so many messages for us. Let’s dive in and … Read more

Full moon in Aquarius on the 15th of August ?♒️

What an A-mazing full moon this is going to be wedged right in the middle between the two new moons of 1st and 30th of August!  A month of moon power. ? What a powerful time of the Divine Feminine ▽ forming a sacred trinity.A triangular pillar of connection bringing balance, groundedness and creative power.  This … Read more

Super new moon on the 1st of August in Leo.

Super intense, super close, super powerful, super opportunity. Super moon means the moon is very close to the earth. As this is a new moon, it won’t be very visible for us to notice the closeness but it’s there…! The energy is strong.  This new moon is calling you loud and clear to focus on … Read more