New moon in Virgo 30th August.

This is a Super Moon as the moon is closest to Earth. As this is the second new moon in the same month, it’s called a Black Moon. It’s in Virgo – The Virgin – The Black Madonna. It’s a Super-new-black-virgo-virgin/blackmadonna-moon. This New moon is carrying so many messages for us. Let’s dive in and … Read more

Full moon in Aquarius on the 15th of August ?♒️

What an A-mazing full moon this is going to be wedged right in the middle between the two new moons of 1st and 30th of August!  A month of moon power. ? What a powerful time of the Divine Feminine ▽ forming a sacred trinity.A triangular pillar of connection bringing balance, groundedness and creative power.  This … Read more