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Lisa Barry - Copywriter

At the beginning of the year, I set working with Diana as an intention because I knew how transformational it would be...I feel so much more connected to myself as a woman.Diana has taught us to explore ourselves and to open our sense of awareness to our emotions, energy levels and how they change in line with my own cycles, the seasons and the moon. This high level of awareness giving me increasing insights into how i can plan my business and my life.


Izabella Levey - Success Coach

Working with Diana has opened up so much for me. I’m a woman who has always relied upon her masculine energy until now... Diana changed that. The coaching I received from Diana unfolded and uncovered the feminine energy inside of me.... learning to let go, trust the process and learning the power of the feminine energy.


Zana Komnenic - Energy Field Healer

After coaching with Diana, I felt lighter as if some heavy weight was lifted off me. I could see a way forward. I had a clearer vision and felt motivated to pursue it. Suddenly the opportunities were just appearing in my life and I could recognise them and be open for them.

Hania Zaki

Coaching with Diana has been an enlightening experience... It makes you examine what it is you want from life and gives you the tools to achieve your goals. I could never have imagined how powerful an impact dealing with my fears and limiting beliefs would have on me.

Ruth Miller

I was at a standstill in my life when i came across an invitation for Diana's Moon Ride. As a result of this grounding experience, I am no longer stuck in a rut, feeling depressed, but am able to plan and tackle tasks in my life that are meaningful to me. I now live the life of a strong woman doing something meaningful for myself without guilt.

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hey Goddess! I’m delighted that you’re here

I’m Diana and welcome to our sacred space.

Modern Goddess is where you can connect with your roots, open up your soul and step into your power.

Come and join our online group program and find the resources, support, guidance and community you need to break through to your freedom and happiness.

And if it’s more tailored support you need because you’re ready for deep, powerful transformation to make a difference for you and others, contact me for a chat.


Diana Adamko is Spiritual Teacher, Divine Feminine Lifestyle Mentor, Time Line Therapist, Moon Priestess,, Writer, Speaker, Female Empowermentist, Bonfire Lover, Mum, Partner, Loving living abroad.

Diana started as a mindset and Intuition coach using NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line therapy to create deep and long lasting transformation for her clients.
As her practice grew and evolved she realised that it isn’t just about the mindset but so much about our soul-set that brings amazing magic into our lives.

As a Divine Feminine Lifestyle Mentor she helps women to let go the patriarchal and fear based conditionings that are holding us back from being ourselves and fully own our power. Women had been shamed and burnt in the past, yet we meant to operate and live from our desires.

Diana guides women how to return to this natural state and live and create with our feminine magic. This has practical implications on everything in our daily lives.

Diana coaches women to realign with their body-wisdom and mentoring them to apply it in their daily lives by channeling their spiritual, sexual energies in practical and tangible ways.

She also teaches women to reconnect with their divine feminine through following their cycles, the moon cycles and of Mumma Nature and use them as their daily source of insights for their productivity, creativity , mental and emotional clarity and to live a truly happy and free life, be their most abundant, joyous grounded and connected selves.

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